"Partner for Process and packaging technology"

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Partner for Process and packaging technology

Arcxo Group supplies process and packaging machines, including inspection equipment and robotic systems.

Our group’s sales area includes Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Arcxo Group specializes in both food and confectionery industries. The top management of our company are specialists known around the world as leaders in equipment manufacturing. In addition to machine and equipment sales, we also take care of spare parts and maintenance. Our design service can help you find the best solutions.

Thanks to our versatile product offering, we are able to offer solutions for packaging automation needs, from individual machines to comprehensive lines.

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Arxco Group designs and implements post-handling and packaging automation systems. We have chosen the most well-recognized packaging machine brands in Europe, so we can offer you the right solutions, machines and lines.

The most important partnerships we have are with Georg Hartmann packaging and slicing machines, Record flowpack machines, Pattyn packaging lines and the SR-Pack filling equipment.


Post-processing and packaging machines

Independent packaging machines are delivered ready-to-use. Typically, they are adapted to a system where one machine is joined seamlessly into the complete entity. We help define equipment interfaces so that production efficiency is optimized for the customer’s production line.

Automation makes it easier to manage and control individual production equipment and to ensure the best possible output from production every day.

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Packaging lines and systems

Food packaging can be automated from the point of receiving of unpackaged products to the packaging and distribution of finished products.

Each link in the chain must perform its function and the devices must work seamlessly together. A properly dimensioned packaging and finishing line can be managed centrally and fully automatically.

The layout of packaging lines and systems is designed to provide an efficient pathway for material flows. Daily production needs to be processed and packaged effortlessly.

Our dimensioning is based on the solid know-how accumulated from the implemented solutions and the simulation models made possible by information technology. Both current and future scenarios are taken into account when sizing capacity.


Service, installation and spare parts

Regular maintenance and the use of genuine spare parts guarantee a long life for your machines. Arcxo Group’s skilled installation and maintenance personnel keep your machine in working order. We believe that first-class after-sales service creates long-term customer relationships.

We recommend a maintenance contract so we can better monitor the condition of your equipment and avoid urgent repair needs.

We deliver original spare parts from our factory quickly to all the brands we represent.

Arcxo Group also provides an analysis of the operational condition of existing packaging lines, suggestions for improvements, necessary upgrades and basic renovations.

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Partner for Process and packaging technology

Arcxo Group has selected the most well-recognized packaging machine brands in Europe, so we are able to offer you the right solutions, machines and lines.

Arcxo Group is a transparent bond between you and these European machine manufacturers. We make sure everything goes the way you expect it to go onsite. Equipment will arrive at your factory, professionally installed and commissioned at the agreed time.

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